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The Fund Buyer Advantage

AssetQ is the global leader in standardised due diligence information that delivers complete, unbiased information – a “Golden Source” on every fund of interest to the fund buyer.

AssetQ trades the inefficient process of issuing bespoke due diligence questionnaires (DDQs) with a set of standardised questions, designed with the cooperation of the fund buyer community, removing the reliance on fund provider material, typically sales brochures, with complete, independent due diligence information to aid the decision-making process.

AssetQ makes information gathering efficient by collating a complete DDQ and supporting documents in one location, providing consistent data presentation and alerts for the fund buyer when updates to fund information occur,thus ensuring you are kept abreast of change as they happen.

AssetQ DDQs help prepare the fund buyer for manager interviews, provide tools to help comparative analysis and ensure regulatory compliance requirements are met by allowing users to evidence a complete and consistent approach to due diligence.

Instant access to thousands of funds

Create new DDQs for new funds

Initiate direct conversation

Receive customisable alerts

Screen funds by your criteria

Create bespoke DDQs if needed

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