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The Fund Manager Advantage

Asset managers face ever increasing levels of disparate due diligence information requests from clients. Bespoke due diligence questionnaires (DDQs) are time consuming to complete, open to misinterpretation and inefficient to process, often leaving the fund manager unaware as to whether the DDQ completion will result in new business.

AssetQ is a global platform allowing the asset manager to standardise their due diligence information. A standard set of due diligence questions, collated by the fund buyer community, simplifies the input and maintenance of DDQ information, appropriate for servicing all client needs, for any client, anywhere in the World.

The large and growing AssetQ fund buyer community have shown they prefer to receive their due diligence information via AssetQ – independent and complete data is key to answering the need for unbiased information, conforming to regulatory requirements and to ensure full declarations are made accordingly.

Understand interest and AUM of your prospects

See all activity on your funds

See stats on access to your funds

Engage directly with your clients

Structured format simplifies maintenance

Easily add attachments and links

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