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How to select a fund manager

We recommend Citywire’s Secret CIO series.

The most recent of these is:

The article expands on key questions in the fund manager selection process – a process AssetQ supports by taking on the heavy lifting, enabling the fund manager interview to maximise the effort from both interviewer and fund manager. For example, AssetQ

  • distinguishes between the members of the team that perform analysis and those that actually make the investment decisions so that analysis can go beyond ‘clients like to see big teams’
  • assesses whether adherence to the investment process is monitored (or whether the investment process is a marketing document that is “not a true reflection of how decisions get made”, representing “some Platonic ideal of how it might work given all the resources the firm has”)

The analysts skills in a fund manager interview can then focus on other key questions e.g

  1. Do I understand where ‘the magic happens’ and a decision gets made?
  2. Can I share the passion and commitment to positions when they are explained to me, i.e. do I feel they make enough sense that if they go wrong, I can still see that the reasoning at the time was sensible?

Another article in the Secret CIO series is: