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Wisdom before the horse has bolted – the value of qualitative data

The mainstream news was quick to publicise the suspension of Woodford Equity Income fund yesterday following a significant redemption request from Kent County Council. News article here

While recent performance of the fund had been less than stellar, the signals that might indicate these suspensions are often qualitative factors or data points that are not available without direct inquiry with the fund manager. Even then, the structure and veracity of the data obtained is key to being able to provide consistent assessment of the underlying investment

This event underlines the strength of AssetQ. The platform’s ability to take numerous qualitative factors and specific data points and then combine these algorithmically into concise indicators is central to its due diligence capability. AssetQ can also alert on changes to these metrics as new data is made available, so any specific areas of concern are proactively highlighted to the users.

By illustration, below is a snapshot view of the AssetQ fund sheet that highlights the key data points that may have alerted users to the concerns on Woodford.

The derived key qualitative indicators are derived from various inter-related inputs from the fund manager and provide clear areas of concern that one might follow up with directly or use as a basis for diversification.